Thursday, January 17, 2013

Reflection of a Dream

I have a track on the new Waxen Wings compilation A Picture is Worth 1000hz.  It's available now as a free download.

From the Waxen Wings website:

"For this compilation, a pool of photos and images was collected from various photographers and artists who submitted their works for inclusion. At that point the images were distributed at random to all of the audio artists which were to use their image as direct inspiration for their work, in essence, composing a soundtrack to a still image. This collection is a showcase of the results that were obtained. A high quality 'poster' style image is included with download that shows each image and its creator, as well as lists the accompanying artist and song. Putting this compilation together has been an indescribably long process, that we are EXTREMELY proud to present to the listener".

The image below is the one I was sent.  It is titled 'Reflection of a Dream'.
For my piece I fixated on the power lines, the main theme of the piece became an attempt render a musical approximation of the electrical hum often heard beneath these pylons.  Of course my usual attempts at obscurism also came into play, for me the watery reflection conveyed the idea of fuzzy memories mixed with half remembered dreams, random snippets returning to you at various times throughout the day... dream and reality entwined... déjà vu..

I'm quite proud of how the finished piece turned out.

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