Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Spermicidal & Weary of Empires demo tapes out now..

Two new cassettes available now.  Experimental black metal (for want of a better description).
€6 each shipping worldwide.
Paypal to: rodgerscathal[at]yahoo[dot]com
Trades also considered.

Artwork by Marcel Hass/Apes of Doom

Spermicidal - Vermicide

Four track demo..  "recognisable riffs are largely replaced with searing sheets of atonal guitar noise. 
In the absence of  landmarks, the listener is left stranded in a disorientating landscape 
of hissed, liminal vocals and frigid atmospheres".

Weary of Empires - Through Three Sided Glass

Three Tracks of slowly disintegrating, fade to black metal..

No samples available for this one.. you can hear an old track here:
Although it's debatable as to how representative of this release it might be...

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