Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Ways and Means

New CDR now available from Reverb Worship...
 Cathal Rodgers
"Ways And Means" (RW 238)

Having decided, sometime ago to release music under his own name, rather than Wereju, Cathal Rodgers has now decided to move to a more experimental approach.  Here on his new album, "Ways And Means" recorded at Monument Studios on april 28th 2012, he has enlisted saxophonist Morris Poole.  The idea was to record live and totally improvise.  You still get slowly morphing washes of drones, amidst the deep, heavy, throbbing buzzing bass passages, but now punctuated with avant garde style saxophone (just imagine Wereju meets Lol Coxhill).  The cover inserts are made from metallic hologram paper. This cd is available now in a limited hand numbered edition of 50 copies.

UK = £6.50 / Europe = £7.50 / USA & ROW = £9.00.
Paypal to roger.linney@btinternet.com

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