Thursday, November 7, 2013

Flesh Coffin / Spermicidal split cassette

This is currently in production, it will be a pro-dubbed c42.  Hoping to get it released before the end of the month.  Flesh Coffin is two tracks of harsh/noise/junk/metal/muddy/drones/cutup/horror/weirdness by Andreas Brandal.  Spermicidal is three tracks of noise/drone/industrial/quasi-black metal.  The split and all tracks shall remain untitled, but here's a small sample of Spermicidal lyrics:

Spurious organism..
Synonymous.. Symbolical..
Inlines of organic code..
Translating lines of primitive code..
Dead languages..
Trilateral.. Trilinear..
More than just the sum of all it's parts..
Divisive devices..
In the entrails of collapsing worlds..
An inorganic singularity..
Embracing the illusion of embrace..
More than just the sum of all it's parts..

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