Sunday, January 19, 2014

Luxury Mollusc / Cathal Rodgers - Split Cassette

Available now..  C40 home-dubbed tape.. cover on photographic paper..

Luxury Mollusc
Tracing Tracks; trees that smell like semen, attempt II
My Jenny Haniver,  this night 10:57, two...
...left a puddle,  flaccid under our bridge.

Cathal Rodgers
All Ways To All Wheres
(worse than I thought, but better than I expected)

Luxury Mollusc delivers four tracks of creepy drone/noise.  Something eerily profound is being communicated here, but with a swollen  tongue, so true meaning is never quite deciphered.
Cathal Rodgers offers a side-long, passive- aggressive drone composition.  The mulling over of choice and consequence...  How did we find ourselves here and what can be done to get out?

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