Friday, February 21, 2014

Demons in the Architecture - Cassettes available now.

The first four titles in the series are now available.  To order you can visit the new store at:

Andreas Brandal / Cathal Rodgers

After Norway's disappointing medal haul at the Winter Olympics consolation can be found in this drone performance from Andreas Brandal. Cathal Rodgers is still waiting for the Autumn Olympics to catch on.

Pro-dubbed C70 cassette.

Culver / Cathal Rodgers

Culver is Lee Stokoe from the UK, offering a multiple bronze medal winning drone performance. From Cathal Rodgers you get one of those chocolate discs wrapped in a gold coloured foil.

Pro-dubbed C58 cassette.

Fossils / Cathal Rodgers

Fossils offers a side of subtle noisy improvisation from Ontario, Canada. Cathal Rodgers attempts to soundtrack the creation of maple syrup.

Pro-dubbed C60 cassette

RST / Cathal Rodgers

RST is Andrew Moon, offering a side of drones from Aukland, New Zealand. Cathal Rodgers contemplates what it is to fall off the edge of the world...

Pro-dubbed C68 cassette.

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