Monday, June 23, 2014

Wreck Of The Hesperus - Long Streak of Misery

Available now from the amazing Fort Evil Fruit label, Long Streak Of Misery is a cassette compilation of non-album tracks..  I've copied the label blurb below, because they're so much better with words than I am..

Two years on from the release of the Terminal Eulogy demo comp, we continue to gather the scattered leavings of Ireland's filthiest doom urchins with the first of two collections of WOTH's non-album releases. This volume compiles the ultra-limited Rotism CDR, their sides of the split 10"s with Mourning Beloveth and De Novissimis, a pair of compilation tracks, and the previously unreleased A Terminal Dirge.

The result is an hour of aural abjection that shows the trio's disinterest in adhering to palatable doom conventions. Instead they wallow in diseased drone, abyssal reverb and murky black noise as they drill towards the core of existential squalor.

"I marshalled the words and opened my mouth, thinking I would hear them. But all I heard was a kind of rattle, unintelligible even to me who knew what was intended". - Samuel Beckett

Side 1
1. Raw Sewage Heart (11.54)
2. Venomous Tentacles (5:39)
3. Misery is the River of the World (12:12)

Side 2
1. Utter Rot (9:43)
2. Rotism (14:12)
3. A Terminal Dirge (5:51) - previously unreleased

More information can be found at the Fort Evil Fruit blog...
You can hear the tracks and order the tape from the Fort Evil Fruit Bandcamp
I also have a couple of copies for sale if anyone wants to get in touch.

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