Saturday, August 1, 2015

Existentiell (Fanzine)

After a year in the making, Existentiell 'zine is finally available.  Presented as a 200 page book it features interviews with:

Book Of Sand (US)
Chaos Moon/Esoterica (US) ...
Greg Downey (AUS)
Eos (CAN)
Mörkö (FIN)
Nandor Nevai (US)
Ordinance (FIN)
Osman Arabi (LEB)
Ride For Revenge (FIN)
Johannes Riisitauti (FIN)
Siorai Geimhreadh (IRE)

It includes plenty of quasi-philosophical fumblings through meta-modernism, the creative process and the ethnomethodology of underground metal..

Available directly from me or through Bandcamp:

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