Monday, November 2, 2015

The Sirens' Song

A previously unreleased track has been uploaded to Bandcamp.
Recorded in 2009, it was originally meant to appear on a split cassette, but that never came to pass.

At a time when I was slowly making my way through Dante's 'The Divine Comedy'...
I was particularly taken with the section quoted below, and so created The Siren's Song to mirror that dreamstate, of initial horror becoming something beautiful,  that growing sense of consciousness creating reality...

"There came into my dream a woman, stuttering, 
cross-eyed, stumbling along on her maimed feet, 
with ugly yellow skin and hands deformed. 

I stared at her. And as the sun revives 
a body numbed by the night's cold, just so 
my eyes upon her worked to free her tongue 
and straighten out all her deformities, 
gradually suffusing her wan face 
with just the colour Love would have desired. 

And once her tongue was loosened by my gaze 
she started singing, and the way she sang 
captured my mind -- it could not free itself." 

Dante - Purgatory XIX. 7-18

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