Sunday, February 28, 2016

Beneath The Sod / Crypticum - Transmorphic Eye

Transmorphic Eye is a split release between the filthy industrial doom of Beneath The Sod (Raymond Keenaghan) and the coquettish arcane blackened doom of Crypticum (Cathal Rodgers)..

CD version will be available shortly, in the meantime the digital version is online now..


with formless awareness we transcend the phenomenal world..
a terminal experience within the absolute..

in a union of emptiness and form..
unfolding throughout this material manifestation..
in a union of emptiness and form..
with formless awareness..

variation.. mutation..unnatural selection..
mutation.. conclusions.. increasing irrelevance..
disequilibrium.. with formless awareness..

observational evidence an integral science..
an evolutionary synthesis conscientiously isolated.. 
thorough and assiduous.. virtually..
a rejected inheritance.. in self defence..

variation.. disequilibrium.. formless awareness..
 increasing irrelevance..
a theory of everything..
through the halls of blasphemous fire..
a theory of everything..
an unwanted apparition in the houses of god..

An Intonation In Sour Tones

nature and origins.. the fundamental reprimanded..
aggressively tied to the wont to preach..
recreate the ritual in meta phases.. if so inclined..
ashes and water.. dust and chrome..
recreate the ritual if so inclined..

a plague upon your flooding houses..
in a final disposal.. 
virtue and grace dissolving..
divergent discoveries..
virtue and grace dissolving..
an intonation in sour tones..

an intonation in sour tones..


a platform to elucidate.. to eradicate..
ecosystems in necro-focus..
sci-fi paranoia.. encyclical dystopia..
instrumental benefits.. the prevailing view..
the natural order.. independent.. an abstraction..

slowly, but measurably.. a sixth great extinction..
the great tribulation.. the ending of days..
the natural order an unblemished animal for sacrifice..
sci-fi paranoia.. encyclical dystopia..

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