Thursday, February 4, 2016

Mercury Retrograde

Many years ago I went to see a performance by the comedian Steve Hughes.  One of his jokes that night was: "Have you ever noticed how all self-help books are written by somebody else?".
This almost throw-away one-liner has stayed with me ever since, and has become even more prescient as the years have gone on. Most self help books seem to be aimed at those looking for easy answers, or those who have not really been made aware of the fallacy of looking for exoteric solutions to what is really an esoteric problem.

For me, astrology falls into that same category.  As much as I love the ancient mysticism surrounding the birth and development of astrology and it's connections to subjects such as sacred geometry or musica universalis, astrology has long fallen to simply being merely a capitalist tool for mass conformity and the erosion of individuality. Every shitty newspaper offers horoscopes filled with some of the most mundane and unimaginative advice one could hope for..

These new recordings were created between January 6th and 26th 2016, a time when all astrological warnings were that I should just go to bed, cover my head and not get up until the Mercury Retrograde was over...

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