Friday, April 5, 2019

Existentiell ≠ Boundaries and Paradigms

After over 2 years of work I can now offer a new anthology of interviews in Existentiell form. 402 pages of musings on consciousness, imagination, metaphor, mysticism, mythology, psyche, soul, symbolism; and how any or all of these things might be applied to modern culture in general and Heavy Metal in particular

€17 plus P&P
Postage for a 400 page book is quite spicy!!
Works out at €10 for Ireland, €12 for EU and €17 Rest of the World.
Shipping now.
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Interviews with:

Chaos Echœs  Avant-Garde Metal.  (France)

Chimere Noire  Artist and Graphic Designer (Canada)

Culted  Blackened Doom Metal (Canada / Sweden)

Edasi  Avant-Garde / Psychedelic Metal. (Estonia)

El-Ahrairah  Black Metal (USA)

Hail Conjurer  Black Metal (Finland)

Hornwood Fell  Black Metal (Italy)

Paul Thomas Kearns  Arcane Sun / Solstice. (Ireland)

Antti Klemi  Kaleidoscope / Arise! Magazines (Finland)

Lingua Fungi  Drone / Ambient. (Finland)

Jim Matheos  Fates Warning / Tuesday The Sky. (USA)

Mekigah  Doom Metal / Dark Ambient. (Tasmania)

Mourning Dawn  Doom Metal (France)

Of Spire & Throne  Doom Metal. (Scotland)

Peter O’Leary  Poet & Scholar of Religious Poetry (USA)

Opium Warlords  Outsider/ Experimental. (Finland)

Pray U Prey  Crust / Death Metal (England)

Ruho  Black Metal. (Finland)

Striborg  Blackwave. (Tasmania)

ThrOes Dissident Metal. (Tasmania)

Tyranny Funeral Doom. (Finland)

Unearthly Trance Sludge / Doom Metal. (USA)

Venusian Death Cell   Outsider Metal. (Ireland)

Wyrding  Funereal Doom. (USA)


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